Considered world leader in many balancing applications, HOFMANN has dedicated to design and manufacture balancing systems for over 75 years. It's experience has integrated in solutions for all kinds of industries world wide.

The Hofmann brothers founded GEBRUEDER HOFMANN in Darmstadt, Germany in 1931.
The company, family owned, is administered by managers. In order to ensure the quality of its products and mantain a continuous developmet, it counts with three plants, each one specialized in specific applications.

In 1972 the design and production of balancing machines began in the United States with AMERICAN HOFMANN CORPORATION located at Lynchburg, Virginia.


In 1997, HOFMANN MESS-UND AUSWUCHTTECHNIK moved to a new production plant in Pfungstadt, Germany. The same year, Hofmann acquired the balancing dividion of KRAUSS MAFFEI AG, as well as assets from REUTLINGER, another known world wide balancing company.

In 2000, HOFMANN MESS-UND TEILTECHNIK, manufacturer of rotary tables, indexing heads, and high precision balanced components, moved to a new plant in Grosselfingen, Germany.

HOFMANN and its agents count with plants around the world to give support to its products and customers.

By contacting HOFMANN you will have access to 75 years of knowledge and experience in balancing.

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