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Machine installation

Our service engineers will install your machines employing the high quality measures imposed by our principals.

Failure diagnostics and Repair

We will gladly visit you, check your machine and if needed elaborate a list of necessary spare parts, to install them once they are at your plant and bring your machine back into production.

Preventive maintenance

To avoid downtimes and unplanned standstills of your machines, we can offer our customized preventive maintenance service program, which will safeguard the reliability of your machine for continuous operation, resulting in the following advantages:

- Planned service periods and downtime
- Optimal machine setting for highest possible production quality
- Increased lifetime of your equipment
- Lower repair cost in the long run

Our Renishaw “Ball Bar” measuring device helps us check the mechanical status of your machine, supporting us in our MP activities.

Repair and calibration service for balancing machines

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Rebuilds and Retrofits

We gladly will evaluate your machine and elaborate a complete plan to rebuild or retrofit it.
Several components of our machines can be repaired and rebuild at the facilities of our principals, resulting in a much lower cost than a new spare part.

Production support and process optimization

We join our customers at the begining of new production programs on machines from our principals to solve any problems the may encounter.

We optimize our customer's programs and process flows with the goal of increasing the output quality and / or quantity.


Our training courses are aimed to enable our customers to benefit most of the lifetime and possibilities their machines can offer. Once in possession of the knowledge, they will be able to:

- Understand the operating philosophy of the machine
- Ensure that production goals are met
- Reduce wear of machine
- Deal with production-related changes without problem

We offer the following training courses:

- Machine operation
- Machine maintenance
- Machine programming
- Theory of balancing and balancing machine operation

If you need service for a machine built by one of our principals or need training please contact servicio@maquitec.com.mx

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