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Precision Automatic Straightening Machines

GALDABINI is a company founded in 1890 that manufactures precision straightening machines, universal material testing machines and hydraulic presses. The company has two production sites in Italy and Switzerland from which it supplies its equipment all over the world.

GALDABINI is a company that firmly believes that innovation in the design and development of cutting-edge solutions makes the difference in a market saturated with low-quality machinery. The company invests 7% of its turnover in R&D to meet the technological challenges of the future. 

Additionally GALDABINI is a company focused on green thinking and sustainability, working 100% with its photovoltaic energy system. The company is totally self-sufficient in energy production and consumption.

Technology & Solutions

In Mexico, Maquitec represents GALDABINI's precision straightening machines division which is composed of the following products:

  • Automatic straightening machines for cylindrical pieces such as: Axles, Ballscrews, Shafts, Gear trains

  • Automatic straightening machines for rings and bearings

  • Automatic profile straightening machines, complemented with boring, counterboring and threading equipment​

  • Straightening machines for heavy duty cylindrical and tubular parts

  • Automated loading and unloading systems for all of the above equipment

Typical Applications

Automotive, Transportation and Emobility

Drive Shafts


Gearbox Shafts

Steering racks

Axle shafts

Oil & Gas, Steel mills and Forgings

Railway axles

Drilling rods



Precision Mechanics



Medical tools


Linear guides

Elevator guides

Square racks

To learn more about our partner GALDABNINI, we invite you to explore their website:

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