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High Production Turning Centers and Multispindle Lathes

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The INDEX Group, with its INDEX and TRAUB brands, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines, turn-mill centers, multispindle CNC lathes and sliding headstock lathes. It has a worldwide presence with five manufacturing plants, five international sales and service companies, and eighty representative offices.

In Mexico, Maquitec is the exclusive representative of INDEX Group, providing machine sales service, spare parts quotation and sales, and local technical support for the entire country.


Optimal production solutions for the customers

INDEX Group offers multifunctional production solutions by integrating different machining technologies into a single machine. This complete machining benefits customers by providing consistent quality and precision in production, as well as reduced costs as a result of decreased operating time.

Key customers include companies in the automotive, aerospace, electromobility, medical, electronics and general mechanics industries, as well as some fluid technology and instrumentation and control manufacturers.

Even when it comes to processing difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloys, the experts at INDEX and TRAUB find a convincing and optimal solution.

Technology and Solutions

  • High production CNC lathes

  • Multispindle CNC lathes

  • Turning and turn-mill centers

  • Swiss type sliding headstock automatic lathes

  • Universal turning machines

  • Integrated gear manufacturing technology

  • Bar loader and robot handling automation solutions

Applications and Typical Workpieces


Steering shafts

Suspension studs

Injector parts

Cam screws


Electric motor shafts

Stator housings

Planetary gears

Pinion shafts


Valves and connections

Power connectors

Generator shafts

Nut housings


Medical screws

Drill sleeves

Hip joint cup



Rotor holders

Adjusting screws

Wing diffusers

Connector housings

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