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Advanced INDEX Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Improve your aerospace component manufacturing with state-of-the-art turning technology

With the number of passengers expected by experts to double to 7,200 millions by 2035, the demand for components for the aerospace industry will increase immensely.


As a strategic partner of INDEX, Maquitec specialises in providing high-tech cnc turning solutions, preparing our customers in Mexico to meet the demand with efficient production methods and optimised machining costs.

Eficiency and Quality in Aerospace Manufacturing

Our wide variety of INDEX and TRAUB turning, turn-mill and swiss type turning machines are ideal for the manufacturing of precision components for turbines, landing gear, chassis, and interiors.

Flexibility and Customization

With configurable and customized modular solutions for each machine we will ensure that they perfectly fit your specific application and requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum precision and excellent surface accuracy

  • Multifunctional complete machining for significant reduction of unit costs

  • Customized material feeding and unloading solutions

  • Integration of processes such as measuring, grinding, gear cutting, etc.

  • Excellent ergonomics and easy service accessibility

  • Machine tools “Made in Germany”

Do you want to improve your production standards?

Benefit from our commitment to excellence, our experience and our ability to implement solutions that truly make a difference in the aerospace industry.

Fill out the form below to have one of our experts assist you personally.

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Rotor Holder

Material: 1.4542

Dimensions: 140mm x 285mm

Point of use: Drive

Machine: INDEX G220 Turn-mill center


Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 180mm x 240mm 

Point of use: Wing

Machine: INDEX R300 Turn-mill center

Adjusting screw

Material: 3.1354

Dimensions: 30mm x 285mm

Point of use: Wing

Machine: TRAUB TNL32 Sliding headstock lathe

Eye end upper

Material: 1.4545

Dimensions: 52 mm (Diam.)

Point of use: Chassis

Machine: INDEX C200 automatic lathe


Tear-off screw

Material: X8CrNiS18-9

Dimensions: 22 mm x 25 mm

Point of use: Chassis

Machine: INDEX MS16 multi-spindle automatic lathe

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